Liz Reagan
Mrs Reagan (Series 11)
Character Information
Occupation PE Teacher
Second Year Head (1986)
First Year Head (1988)
Spouse Tony Reagan (Ex-Husband)
Children Laura Reagan (Daughter)
Friends Bridget McClusky
Geoff Baxter
Craig McKenzie
Eric Griffiths
Ginny Booth
Ros Partridge
Chris Kennedy
Peter King
Phil Scott
Relationships Tony Reagan (Ex-Husband)
Simon (Ex-Boyfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Series 9 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 11 (Episode 20)
Series Series 9 (1986)
Series 10 (1987)
Series 11 (1988)
Number of Episodes 56
Played By Lucinda Curtis
Liz Reagan was a PE Teacher at Grange Hill from 1986 to 1988, played by Lucinda Curtis. Mrs Reagan is the mother of pupil, Laura Reagan.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 9 (1986)Edit

Series 10 (1987)Edit

Series 11 (1988)Edit

This year, Mrs Reagan is the head of the new first year and she decides to hold a keep fit class for the female members of staff, which Mrs McClusky and Miss Booth aren't keen on.

Mrs Reagan has a new boyfriend called Simon, and her daughter Laura isn't thrilled. When Mrs Reagan and Laura host a dinner party, Mrs Reagan is pleased when it finally seems that Laura is making an effort with Simon. Mrs Reagan doesn't know that Simon made a pass at her daughter's best friend, Julia Glover, resulting in the smashed casserole dish.

Later on in the series, Mrs Reagan is upset when Simon ignores her phone calls and she believes he is there listening to her. When she and Laura go to the cinema, they spot Simon with another woman and confront him when they give him his wallet, which was found by Ronnie Birtles and Fiona Wilson.



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