SAG Protests
SAG Protests
Storyline Information
Storyline Started Series 2 (Episode 5)
Storyline Ended Series 2 (Episode 12)
Characters Involved Jessica Samuels
David Sellers
Trisha Yates
Cathy Hargreaves
Mr Llewellyn
Mr Mitchell

Student's Action Group "SAG" Protests was a storyline that started in Series 2 and also ended in Series 2. The storyline focused on many pupils, such as Trisha Yates and Jessica Samuels, who wanted Mr Llewellyn to change many things in the school, such as abolishing school uniform.

Storyline HistoryEdit

Series 2 (1979)Edit

When Trisha Yates and Simon Shaw arrive at school, they are stopped by Jessica Samuels, who asks them if they are interested in the abolition of the school uniform and Trisha says she is. Jessica explains that they are starting a campaign to get something done about it. She then tells them that they are SAG, Student's Action Group, and are having a meeting at lunchtime and to come along.

At the meeting, Jessica is in the middle of explaining the reason they have to wear uniform is because it is a way of controlling the kids and it's like being branded. Jessica also points out the students are unable to act grown up and how some students go through real humiliation to afford a uniform. Fellow SAG member, David Sellers, tells everyone they should make sure that uniform is raised by the school council. Jessica argues that the scbool council is to mae the students believe they are participating in the running of the school.


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