Series 1 (Episode 4)
Series 1 (Episode 4)
Episode Information
Series Series 1
Aired 1st March 1979
Writer Phil Redmond
Director Colin Cant
Previous Episode Episode 3
Next Episode Episode 5

Episode 4 is the 4th episode in Series 1. It originally aired on 1st March 1978.


Form One Alpha's boys have a swimming lesson - Tucker Jenkins is impatient to get into the pool while a list of rules and regulations is read out. Tucker and Benny Green are very confident in the water, while the likes of Justin and Hughsey are more cautious. When Tucker and Benny push Justin into the water, the caretaker spots them, and the two are sent to change. Tucker notices that the caretaker and the sports teacher don't seem to get on very well. Tucker decides Justin made too much of a fuss, so hides his trousers under his own pair. Mr. Mitchell gives a stern warning about mucking around in the pool. Back in the classroom, Tucker hides Justin's trousers on a broom outside the window, while Justin, clad partly in a towel, and Mr. Mitchell appeal to the class for information about the missing apparel. "Are you sure you put them on this morning?" asks Benny innocently. There's another swimming lesson for the boys the next day, due to staff limitations. Early on, proceedings come to a halt when Graham cuts his toe on a loose tile, but Benny realizes he has lost his medal, and so he and some of the others head back into the pool. Benny soon finds his medal, but Tucker can't resist extending their stay, throwing floats into the pool - and then the benches. Tucker and Benny then use the benches as improvised boats and race each other the length of the pool. Justin goes and tells the caretaker, but order has been restored by the time he's back. When the caretaker tells the swimming teacher, they argue over their respective responsibilities. Mr. Malcolm is quite lenient, but Tucker and Benny get a three week ban from swimming. Tucker speaks up - and earns a further detention, but there's worse to follow when he discovers his trousers are missing! Dressed in his towelling robe, he heads outside - and sees Benny suspending his trousers by a broom handle out of an upstairs window...


  • Graham Ashley as Mr Garfield
  • Christopher Coll as Mr Malcolm
  • Michael Percival as Mr Mitchell
  • George Armstrong as Alan Hargreaves
  • Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins
  • Christopher Hall as Winkle Graham
  • Michelle Herbert as Trisha Yates
  • James Jebbia as Thomas Watson
  • Paul McCarthy as Underwood
  • Justin Bennett as Robert Morgan
  • Terry Sue Patt as Benny Green
  • Donald Waugh as Hughes