Series 1 (Episode 6)
Series 1 (Episode 6)
Episode Information
Series Series 1
Aired 15th March 1978
Writer Phil Redmond
Director Colin Cant
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7

Episode 6 is the 6th episode in Series 1. It originally aired on 15th March 1978.


After an appalling woodwork lesson Tucker Jenkins, Benny Green and Justin goes to explore an abandoned warehouse and play around the site but unfortunately they were seen by two men but when all three make their escape Justin falls and hurts himself badly. At school various punishments were given and as a warning Tucker and Benny gets the cane for their own good especially for their Mum's.


  • Derek Anders as Mr Parkes
  • Stella Haime as Janet
  • Denys Howthorne as Mr Starling
  • Michael Percival as Mr Mitchell
  • Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins
  • James Jebbia as Thomas Watson
  • Franco Manzi as Robo
  • Robert Morgan as Justin Bennett
  • Terry Sue Patt as Benny Green
  • Donald Waugh as Hughes
  • Hilary Crane as Mrs Jenkins
  • Jumoke Debayo as Mrs Green
  • Redvers Milner as 1st Warehouseman
  • Pat Gorman as 2nd Warehouseman