Series 1 (Episode 7)
Series 1 (Episode 7)
Episode Information
Series Series 1
Aired 22nd March 1978
Writer Phil Redmond
Director Colin Cant
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8

Episode 7 is the 7th episode of Series 1. It originally aired 22nd March 1978.


Since Justin Bennett's medical leave, Michael Doyle is transferred to Mr Mitchell's form after bullying several students in Mr Malcom's form. Meanwhile the elections are running and Ann Wilson is a likely candidate but unluckily her path to election is disrupted by Doyle who uses his latest tricks to ensure that his preferred candidate wins but after adjusting the votes Ann is the winner.


  • Christoper Coll as Mr Malcolm
  • Carole Nimmons as Miss Mather
  • Michael Percival as Mr Mitchell
  • Dorothea Phillips as Mrs Monroe
  • George Armstrong as Alan Hargreaves
  • Kim Benson as Mary Johnson
  • Abigail Brown as Judy Preston
  • Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins
  • Lucinda Duckett as Ann Wilson
  • Clive Gehle as Adrian Jones
  • Simon Henderson as Peters
  • Michelle Herbert as Trisha Yates
  • Vincent Hall as Michael Doyle
  • James Jebbia as Thomas Watson
  • Terry Sue Patt as Benny Green
  • Donald Waugh as Hughes