Series 1 (Episode 9)
Series 1 (Episode 9)
Episode Information
Series Series 1
Aired 5th April 1978
Writer Phil Redmond
Director Colin Cant
Previous Episode Episode 8

Episode 9 is the 9th episode of Series 1. It aired on 5th April 1978.


Benny Green and Tucker Jenkins talk about Benny's father. Michael Doyle and his friends make racist remarks towards Benny and take his football. Trisha Yates asks her sister to take her to the rock concert, but but she refuses and Mrs Yates asks Trisha why her striped socks were in her blazer pocket. At school, Trisha paints her nails whilst Benny and Michael fight, but Tucker breaks it up. Mr Mitchell notices Trisha's nail varnish and she is asked to remain behind. Mr Mitchell decides to send a letter to Trisha's parents, despite Trisha apologising. Trisha intercepts the letter and decides not to go to school and Benny bunks off school when Michael and his friends bully Benny again. Mr Mitchell asks his class where Trisha is and Ann Wilson volunteers to go to Trisha's house whilst Tucker covers for Benny, saying he went home sick. Ann visits Mrs Yates at lunch and Ann discovers Trisha told her mum she was staying at school for dinners. Trisha is at the shops whilst Benny is with his football and Mr Mitchell overhears Ann and Mary's conversation. Mr Mitchell asks Miss Mather to cover his class whilst he looks for Trisha. Benny and Trisha bump into each other at the civic centre and they talk about why they bunked off. Mr Mitchell finds Trisha and Benny and they talk through what happened to them and Mr Mitchell agrees to drop things as long as they return to school. Benny and Trisha are back at school the following day.


  • Derek Anders as Mr Parkes
  • Carole Nimmons as Miss Mather
  • Michael Percival as Mr Mitchell
  • Kim Benson as Mary Johnson
  • Abigail Brown as Judy Preston
  • Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins
  • Robert Collins as Macker
  • Lucinda Duckett as Ann Wilson
  • Julia Gale as Carol Yates
  • Vincent Hall as Michael Doyle
  • Michelle Herbert as Trisha Yates
  • Simon Henderson as Peters
  • James Jebbia as Thomas Watson
  • Franco Manzi as Robo
  • Terry Sue Patt as Benny Green
  • Pamela Vezey as Mrs Yates