Series 2
Title Card (Series 1 to 10)
Series Information
Channel BBC One
Aired 2nd January 1979-2nd March 1979
Number of Episodes 18
Previous Series Series 1
Next Series Series 3

Series 2 is the 2nd series of BBC's Grange Hill which consisted of 18 episodes. Series 2 originally aired from 2nd January 1979 to 2nd March 1979

Student ArrivalsEdit

Student DeparturesEdit

Staff ArrivalsEdit

Staff DeparturesEdit

  • Mr Tony Mitchell
  • Miss June Summers

Episodes Edit

# Episode
1 Episode One
The new headmaster introduces new timetables, and forms, resulting in chaos. 50p goes missing, but by coincidence Benny has found the same amount. Will anyone believe his story?
2 Episode Two
Judy has to go to Brookdale, because her family have fallen on hard times. The thief is found and apology given to Benny, but his dad is not a happy bunny.
3 Episode Three
4 Episode Four
5 Episode Five
6 Episode Six
7 Episode Seven
8 Episode Eight
9 Episode Nine
10 Episode Ten
11 Episode Eleven
12 Episode Twelve
13 Episode Thirteen
14 Episode Fourteen
15 Episode Fifteen
16 Episode Sixteen
17 Episode Seventeen
18 Episode Eighteen