Series 5 (Episode 1)
Series 5 (Episode 1)
Episode Information
Series Series 5
Aired 5th January 1982
Writer Alan James
Director Diarmuid Lawrence
Next Episode Episode 2

Episode 1 is the 1st episode in Series 5. It originally aired on the 5th January 1982.


The first day at Grange Hill for class N1 - Fay Lucas, Annette Firman, Zammo McGuire, Jonah, Roland Browning, Belinda Zowkowski and Janet St. Clair with Miss Mooney as their form tutor. Roland gets off to a bad start on his first day, encountering Gripper Stebson. Jonah's stink bomb causes an unexpectedly early end to Miss Mooney's class. Gripper's bullying of Jonah and Zammo is short-lived - relieved by the appearance of Tucker Jenkins and Alan. Roly is hounded from pillar to post by different pupils and teachers and goes home in desperation but his mum persuades him to go back to school. He is caught on his return by Mr Baxter who is teaching PE to the 5th Years, and Miss Mooney takes him to the headmistress, but he escapes into the toilets. Mr Hopwood asks Miss Mooney to go get Mrs McClusky and he gets Tucker to guard the toilets so no one can get in. Mr Hopwood tries to persuade Roland to leave the locked cubicle but he doesn't but Jonah has an idea involving his last stink bomb and the open window. He throws the stinkbomb into the window but Jonah and Zammo get caught by the caretaker Mr Thompson. Roland ends up going outside of the cubicle due to the smell.