Series 5 (Episode 10)
Series 5 (Episode 10)
Episode Information
Series Series 5
Aired 5th February 1982
Writer Barry Purchese
Director John Prowse
Previous Episode Episode 9
Next Episode Episode 11

Episode 10 is the 10th episode in Series 5. It originally aired on 5th February 1982.

Summary Edit

Cast Edit

  • Timothy Bateson as Mr Thomson
  • Fraser Cains as Mr McGuffy
  • Brian Capron as Mr Hopwood
  • Lucinda Gane as Miss Mooney
  • Gwyneth Powell as Mrs McClusky
  • Alison Bettles as Fay Lucas
  • Nadia Chambers as Annette Firman
  • Julian Griffiths as Denny Rees
  • Terry Kinsella as Jimmy Flynn
  • Lee MacDonald as Zammo McGuire
  • Lee Sparke as Jonah Jones
  • Paula Taras as Belinda Zowkowski
  • Howard Taylor as Marcus O'Halloran
  • Elvis Payne as Gary
  • Tony Westrope as Mick
  • John Blundell and Gareth Milne as Burglars
  • Carole Walker as Cashier