Series 5 (Episode 2)
Series 5 (Episode 2)
Episode Information
Series Series 5
Aired 8th January 1982
Writer Alan James
Director Anthea Browne-Wilkinson
Previous Episode Episode 1
Next Episode Episode 3

Episode 2 is the 2nd episode in Series 5. It originally aired on the 8th January 1982.


Roland Browning avoids "GCE" (Gripper's Cash Enterprise) by accompanying Miss Mooney through the school gates. Gripper Stebson nabs Zammo McGuire and Jonah's cash, but they have no intention to continue paying him indefinitely. Roly cuts himself in woodwork - did he do it on purpose so he could go home? [[[Annette Firman]] wants revenge against Zammo and Jonah for their stink bomb damaging her shoes, and buys her own stink bomb. Jonah and Zammo goes to see Mr. Hopwood to try to get something done about Gripper, but without confrontation. Mr. Hopwood accuses Gripper, who denies it, but is forced to empty his pockets and donate the sizable amount of money to the school fund. Roly's mum finds Roly at home, and angrily brings him back to school to talk to Mrs. McClusky. Annette lies in wait for Zammo with her stink bomb, she throws it, but her aim is off and she gets Gripper instead.