Series 9
Title Card (Series 1 to 10)
Series Information
Channel Children's BBC
Aired 7th January 1986-1st April 1986
Number of Episodes 24
Previous Series Series 8
Next Series Series 10

Series 9 is the 9th series of Children's BBC Grange Hill which consisted of 24 episodes. Series 9 originally aired from 7th January 1986 to 1st April 1986.

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Episodes Edit

# Episode
1 Episode One

Mrs McClusky and Mr Baxter look at the fountain, donated by Chairman of the Board of Governors. Mr Glover. Imelda Davis mocks Ziggy Greaves' accent and the 5th Years laugh at Banks Bank's moustache and Zammo McGuire and Jackie Wright argue. Imelda gets a frog from out of the pond, witnessed by Ronnie Birtles and Calley Donnington, but Ziggy puts it back. Robbie Wright asks Ziggy is he is in E2 or R2, but Mrs Reagan tells hm he is in E2 and Mr Baxter and Mr Kennedy tell Banksy to get rid of his moustache. In assembly, a girl is frightened by the frog Imelda put in a crisp packet and Ziggy returns it to the pond. Trevor Cleaver and Vince Savage took Ant Jones' bag, thinking it was Ziggy's and Mr Baxter tells Ant about swimming. Mr King has R2's register instead of E2's and Mrs Reagan decides to split Imelda, Georgina Hayes and Helen Kelly up. Mr Bronson tells his form, G3, that they'll be no favouritism and he is fair. Ant arrives late to registration and is given detention, but he refuses to do it. Imelda is placed in E2 and she breaks Robbie's game boy. Mr Griffiths chases after Danny Kendall, who he caught smoking and Mr Baxter takes him to Miss Partridge, the head of the 3rd year and Ant tells Mr Baxter why he is there and Danny leaves school when Ant tells him what form he is in. Mr Bronson refuses to change his mind about Ant and Mrs McClusky tells Mr Baxter that Mr Humphries died in a car crash.

First Appearances: Jonathan Lambeth as Danny Kendall, Fiona Mogridge as Laura Reagan, Alison McLauglin as Louise Webb, Sara McGlasson as Julia Glover, Ricky Simmonds as Ant Jones, Samantha Lewis as Georgina Hayes, George Wilson as Ziggy Greaves, Lucinda Curtis as Mrs Reagan, Jeffery Kissoon as Mr Kennedy, Karen Lewis as Miss Partridge and David Straun as Mr King

2 Episode Two
Mr. Kennedy comes up with a moustache-weighing competition in order to

persuade Banksie to shave his fledgling 'tache. Mr. Baxter is starting up a swimming team, and Ziggy volunteers. Danny Kendall thinks an "out of bounds" room is a good place for a smoke, but it's already occupied. He's cornered by older kids, but breaks a pipe and sets off the fire alarm to escape. Imelda also finds the off-limits room, finds some fibreglass and puts it down the back of a 1st former. It's time for the moustache weighing competition, and Mr. Kennedy shaves off his in preparation. Zammo cheats by weighing the hair secretly, but Banksie sees him and reduces the quantity of moustache being weighed. Mr. Kennedy ponders on why Zammo needed the money so badly...

3 Episode Three
Imelda gets revenge against Ziggy by putting fibreglass down his back and a small fire causes the entire lower school to be closed.
4 Episode Four
The mystery of Mr. Bronson's plaster is solved. Both Georgina and Ronnie have Ant Jones in their sights, but so does Mr. Bronson for quite a different reason!
5 Episode Five
Laura and Julia attend Cheryl Webb's party, and Julia has too much to drink. Jackie gives Zammo her £25 savings when she finds he's sold his moped.
6 Episode Six
Gonch starts up a sandwich selling scheme, Georgina is in trouble with Imelda for seeing Ant Jones and Calley is going to start a fanzine.
7 Episode Seven
Tempers fray as the portacabins fail to arrive. Spending just a few minutes with Georgina causes Ant Jones to get into trouble with both Mr. Bronson and Mr. Baxter.
8 Episode Eight
Imelda is determined to have a slice of the profits from Gonch's toast making business, and Ziggy makes an ill-advised foray into the girls changing room.
9 Episode Nine
Mrs. Reagan asks her daughter and Julia to investigate Louise Webb. Zammo's becoming increasingly desperate for money, and Ziggy's aerial bombardment misses its target.
10 Episode Ten
The temporary classrooms finally arrive. Ziggy's letter from the Duke of Edinburgh Award is spiced up by Gonch.
11 Episode Eleven
Ziggy and Robbie start collecting chalk, unaware that they have been scammed by Gonch. Imelda's bullying goes too far and Ant Jones is in trouble yet again with Mr. Bronson.
12 Episode Twelve
Candidates to edit the Fanzine are voted in, and Danny Kendall tries to persuade Ant Jones that an apology to Mr. Bronson would be a good idea.
13 Episode Thirteen
Robbie takes Ziggy on a quick trip to London, while Laura and Julia plan an all-night party.
14 Episode Fourteen
Julia and Laura's all night party is a disaster, and Roland finds out the truth about Zammo.
15 Episode Fifteen
Ideas for the school magazine are put forward. Can the school become a smoke-free zone?
16 Episode Sixteen
"Eamon McClusky" (AKA Danny Kendall) wins the Logo competition. Members of staff are spied on by pupils to make sure they give up smoking.
17 Episode Seventeen
Fay arranges a date with Mr. King. Ziggy plays a trick on Imelda at the swimming baths, but it doesn't have the result he expected.
18 Episode Eighteen
Louise and Cheryl Webb seem destined to go into care. Jane plans a revenge on Ziggy for throwing her clothes in the swimming pool.
19 Episode Nineteen
Zammo's mother learns of her son's heroin addiction when a number of items are stolen. Roland does well in his French Oral exam, and the truth emerges about Miss Partridge.
20 Episode Twenty
The speaking wall seems doomed when spiteful messages about Zammo appear on it. Ziggy and Robbie try to ambush Imelda by using Georgina as bait.
21 Episode Twenty One
Grafitti points the finger at Mr. King and Miss Partridge. When the governors find out, both teachers find their jobs are in jeopardy, but Mrs. McClusky is determined not to lose them without a fight...
22 Episode Twenty Two
Zammo convinces Jackie he is free of drugs, but then later his mother's cash card goes missing...
23 Episode Twenty Three
Ant Jones is still missing. Danny Kendall's logo design looks set to be immortalized in the new school badge, and Banksie becomes very competitive with Mr. Kennedy.
24 Episode Twenty Four
All problems are put aside for the Fun Run. Steven Banks seems to be the only one taking the run seriously, and it's a last chance for Ziggy to get revenge on his nemesis, Imelda.