1978 - 1987 + 2008 Theme And Opening Edit

thumb|300px|right|The 1st Grange Hill Opening With The Chicken Man Theme

The theme used for the first 12 years, which returned for the final series of Grange Hill was "Chicken Man" by Alan Hawkshaw, a track from the Themes International music library composed one hour before it was recorded during a session in Munich, Germany. Grange Hill was the first programme to use it as a theme followed by the popular quiz show Give Us a Clue, whose makers wanted it despite it already being played on Grange Hill. The version used by Give Us A Clue was a special arrangement that was significantly different from that used by Grange Hill. This is the most remembered theme and is the one used referred to in television programmes.

1988 - 1989 Theme And Opening Edit

The theme was remixed in 1988 and updated along with the opening titles and lasted until 1990, when a brand new theme was specially written for the series by Peter Moss. thumb|300px|left|The First Opening That Used The Moss Theme

1990 - 2007 Theme And Openings Edit

Moss had previously written some special hip-hop music for a storyline in Series 11 of Grange Hill. His theme tune lasted until 2007. Although as the years progressed less and less of it was heard as the opening titles got increasingly shorter, the first opening lasted nearly 40 seconds but by the time the 2004 opening was introduced (and used till 2007) it had been reduced down to 15 seconds.thumb|300px|right|2004 Version

The Recurring Sausage Edit

In the original, there is a sausage being thrown at someone.

In the 2004 one, look closely, you will see a 3D sausage in the dining hall

thumb|300px|left|2001 Version